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Patient Resources



HNI would like to make the experience of seeing your neurologist as comfortable and convenient as possible. To help ensure accuracy and security of your information, HNI utilizes an Electronic Medical Records system. We have set up a "Patient Portal" that allows you to enter and update your information and medical history from the comfort of your home.

The portal also allows you to update your information between visits. It also allows you to create PDF versions of your information which you can save or print for your records, or to share with other doctors.

HNI Neuro offers a Patient Portal so that you can access and manage your medical records online. To request a login for the patient portal, please ask our office staff at your next visit.



HNI has gathered and maintains this comprehensive list of Neurology related resources available on the Internet which cover the majority of neurological conditions identified to date. Support groups, research papers and access to clinical studies are all covered in our Useful Links page.

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