Seizures can be a scary event for the patient and the family. Two or more seizures determine the diagnosis of Epilepsy. In most cases epilepsy is easily treated with daily medications. It is important that patients with epilepsy are diagnosed correctly as the diagnosis determines the most effective type of medication. EEG (electroencephalogram) is key to determining the type of epilepsy. Prolonged or ambulatory EEG may be used to capture events on video in the HNI lab or at home with a home monitoring EEG system. If epilepsy is not well controlled on two or more medications, a vagal nerve stimulator may be recommended. VNS (vagal nerve stimulators) act like a pacemaker to the brain to stop the abnormal discharges causing seizures. HNI physicians, physician’s assistants, and our specially trained nurse program these devices with the latest software and programming equipment. If the patient is a candidate for surgical resection of brain tissue to control seizures, we work with the best epilepsy surgeons in the Texas Medical Center to coordinate evaluation and post-operative care.

Monitoring EEG Data